Rules and Regulations




·       The fourth G.O.A.T. (‘greatest of all time’) 2024 apprentice competition is to generate enthusiasm for apprentices and award excellence for members.

·       It is also to inspire non-member apprentices and boost interest in and heighten the profile of Intercoiffure Australia.

·       It is to promote Intercoiffure Australia nationally through the competition’s open category.



1.     1st year Styling for Intercoiffure Australia members only.

Use #Intercoiffureau_1Styling24 on your entry


2.     2nd & 3rd year Cut and Colour for Intercoiffure Australia members only.

Use #Intercoiffureau_CutColour24 on your entry


3.     All Apprentices Makeover Transformation  (for both non-members and Intercoiffure Australia member)#Intercoiffureau_Open24



·       A trophy to show in the salon, be photographed with and use in your resume.

·       Flowers to make your celebration even more beautiful.

·       A fabulous L’Oreal Professionnel Education Class to keep you on top of your craft. These prizes are valid until 31 December 2024 and are outlined below:

1st Year Styling    

·      One L’Oreal Professionnel Class to the value of $350         

2nd – 3rd Year, Cut and Colour

·      One L’Oreal Professionnel Class to the value of $350  

Open Makeover Transformation

·       One L’Oreal Professionnel Class to the value of $350

·      Steam Pod worth $600.

Total prize pool: $1,650.  Thank you, L’Oreal!



In the event of a session being cancelled or unavailable for any reason, L’Oréal Professionnel reserves the right to substitute the prize with another session of equal or greater value. 

Entry requirements

These entry requirements apply to all categories:

·       All entrants must be apprentices on 29 April when Judging commences.

·       Only one apprentice must create the entry.

·       Please use smart phone to video the apprentice’s work. (No professional photography required).

·       No black and white. Colour video only.

·       Music can be used.

·       Photos must be taken in-salon from Monday 18 March to Monday 29 April 2024.

·       Create a video that is a 30 - 60 seconds in duration. 

·       The entry must be uploaded to Instagram as a post/reel from now to 29 April before 11:59pm.

·       The video must include:

1) Front finished look, 

2) Back finished look, 

3) Before front and 

4) Apprentice working with client/model.

·       The video may be edited to incorporate the above looks within a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.  The footage may be sped up but no other special effects, titles or text may be used. 

·       To be a valid entry, the Instagram post must include the following hashtags and handles:

o   Your category’s hashtag: 

#Intercoiffureau_1Styling24 or

#Intercoiffureau_CutColour24 or


o   @intercoiffureaustralia

o   @icdmondial 

o   #fondationguillaume 

o   Salon Instagram handle.

·       Apprentices may enter their category multiple times.

·       Please have the client sign the Intercoiffure model release form so you can use her or his image. If the model is under 18, a parent or guardian’s signature is required.

·       All work must be completed by the apprentice entering.

·       Anyone who needs help with Instagram should ask a friend for assistance.

·       Entries must be posted on the Apprentice salon Instagram account (not on a personal account). If the apprentice does not have a work Instagram account, please create one.

·       Any entry not abiding by the above rules, including maximum video duration or entry dates, or hashtags and handles will be disqualified.

Please use the ENTRY CHECKLIST at the end of this document


Judging Criteria

1.     The look must be commercial (one that would be provided to a client in work hours).

2.     The new look must show a fresh change for the client.

3.     The look must suit the client’s facial features and hair type.

4.     Excellence in apprentice level hairdressing.

5.     For the Open category, the before and after Makeover Transformation must include cut, colour and styling.  Hair Extensions may be used.  However, no wigs are allowed.




 How the judging works

Points will be assigned in two ways.

1.     Judges will be from L’Oréal Professionnel Australia, Intercoiffure Guillaume Fondation Paris, Intercoiffure Mondial President, Intercoiffure Oceania region member, Australian or New Zealand Hairdressers of the Year. They will assign points from 1-10 for each of the above criteria. Each of 5 judges will mark entries out of 40.  Therefore, the total score will be out of 200.

2.     A senior tiebreak judge will be appointed and called upon to make a final decision, if necessary.


The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into after the announcement of the winners.




·       CREATE & VIDEO

From now to 29 April:  Entrants to complete their video.


·       Upload entry from now to Monday, 29 April, 11.59pm:  Please use the hashtags and handles set out in the rules.


·       JUDGING, 

3 – 10 May, 6pm AEST (8am Paris time)



13 - 15 May – Collation of Scores.



17 May on Instagram Live. Check Instagram for the announcement time.




On entering the competition, the entrant assigns approval for her and the client/model image to be published in publicity about the competition in traditional or social media as well as Intercoiffure websites and newsletters.  (Please use the provided Intercoiffure release form to gain written approval for your client-model to be photographed and published).



G.O.A.T. 24 Intercoiffure Apprentice Competition Entry Checklist




Create video according to the specifications in the rules then HOLD until the upload dates. 



Have the Intercoiffure model permission form signed by the client/model or if the client/model is under 18, have the model’s parent sign the form.

click here for form



If necessary, create a work Instagram account for the apprentice in preparation.



UPLOAD entry to Instagram:

now to Monday, 29 April, 11.59pm


Within the uploaded entry do the following:


·       Post on the Apprentice’s work Instagram account



Include the following entry hashtags and handles:


·       Your relevant category:  

#Intercoiffureau_1Styling24 OR 

#Intercoiffureau_CutColour24 AND/OR




·       @intercoiffureaustralia



·       @icdmondial 



·       #fondationguillaume



·       Your salon Instagram account - @”salonhandle”



Good luck and we look forward to seeing your entries posted by 11.59pm on Monday, 29 April.