Intercoiffure, founded in 1925 as the "Internationale des Coiffeurs des Dames" in Germany, is today the largest private association of hairdressers worldwide. 

A unique network of international fashion by premium hairdressers worldwide. Intercoiffure on 5 continents, present in 55 countries with around 3000 members - including around 300 premium salons in Germany.


Only the members of this association are allowed to use the quality logo, the five-pointed star and the name Intercoiffure. Since it was founded, Intercoiffure has been an association of elite hairdressers with very high demands on the professional and human quality of its members. You have to be suggested or you can apply.


Whereby the technically outstanding quality, a recognisable human, ethical and moral common ground, the absolute customer orientation and the best training of the youngsters are among the most important criteria for acceptance.


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